November 17, 2015

Direct Sales Ground floor Opportunity - Join MOBU Herbals without a Kit Purchase for a limited time

MOBU Herbals is a direct sales company that has fewer than 90 consultants worldwide.  We are hoping to gain more consultants in the United Stated, Australia, and Canada.  For a very limited time, people can join the business without buying a kit and pay only $9.95 per month for the website.

Before going into more business details, I want to introduce you to MOBU Herbals.  MOBU Herbals offers products made with organic and natural ingredients to help with everything from pain to weight loss and acne to diaper rashes.  We sell body butters in over 10 scents, lip balms with some infused with caffeine for an energy boost, balms, lotions, and bath salts. 

What I love about all our products is that they are applied on the skin so they bypass the digestive system and work faster!  The side effects are minimal to none due to bypassing the digestive tract as well and people can start feeling better faster within minutes.

I joined the business because I was a customer who loved the products.  When the opportunity came to sell the products and earn some extra money, I jumped in.  The compensation plan is great with 35% instant savings on all my personal purchases and we receive 35% commission on personal sales, paid monthly if our commissions are over $25.

I found other people that love MOBU Herbals and are now selling it.  They receive their 35% and I receive 5% on their retail sales.  Depending on my personal sales, I can earn more on levels two and three as well!  I earn my commission and my first level commission just by selling $50 of retail product every month and paying my $9.95 website fee. 

I would love to grow my team.  I am available several hours a day to answer questions and we have a fantastic Facebook group where all our consultants love to help out.

If this opportunity sounds like something that you would love to be part of, please contact me using the form to the right or by emailing MOBUHerbalsShop {at} gmail {dot} com

If you would like to buy the products, please click on the Shop our Products page at the top. 

What you need to do to qualify for commission
  • Join on the Website
  • Go to your back office and pay the $9.95 fee 
  • Buy or sell $50 of retail product (or more)
  • To earn on your second and third level - have $250 in personal sales

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