September 22, 2014

#MOBUHerbals Twitter Party

MOBU Herbals is having a Twitter Launch Party and we want to invite you to come and learn more about MOBU Herbals and have the chance to win a MOBU Herbals product.

MOBU Herbals was created by Janell Cole to help alleviate symptoms of pain, mosquito bites, scratches, sluggishness, and many other ailments faster than conventional methods previously used.  The products are made in the USA in small batches to ensure the highest quality herbal remedies are being made.

The products are all 100% chemical free with no fillers.  

MOBU Herbals has many products.  Some of the symptoms that can be relieved through using MOBU Herbals is pain reduction, relieving itching from mosquito, spiders, and other bites, helps reduce sluggishness, and can help with hormonal imbalances caused with aging.  There are many other uses for MOBU Herbals.

September 19, 2014

Slim Stick Giveaway on Facebook

Brenda is giving away one Slim Stick once her Facebook page reaches 100 likes. 

The Slim Stick helps curb the appetite and stops your desire to consume sugar due to the Gymnema herb, which makes sugar taste bland. 

The winner will be selected using the Rafflecopter Facebook Flash Widget and only people in the US and 18 or older are eligible to be selected.

September 8, 2014

Pain Relief is possible with Mobu Herbals

Pain Relief, Mobu Herbals, Herbal

Mobu Herbals has the A.M. Pain Balm and Lotion and the P.M. Pain Balm and Lotion to alleviate different kinds of pain including arthritis, swollen joints, edema, skin burns, fevers, migraines, toothaches, backaches, hangovers, and TMJ.

The P.M. Pain offers nighttime relief and may make you drowsy.  The P.M. Pain can also help alleviate snoring.

The balms are $19.95 and the lotions are $21.95 plus shipping and handling.

If you wish to order, please visit, or click on one of the links above.  The rep name (required for online purchase) is Brenda Deming.