November 4, 2014

Herbal Hour Information

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Every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. (Arizona time - MST currently) the creator of MOBU Herbals, Dr. Janell Cole, hosts Herbal Hour.  The phone number to call in to hear the weekly information is 857-232-0158 and the code is 424327.  The phone calls usually last 30 minutes, but can last an hour if new products need to be discussed or if there are questions.

The call is great for customers to learn more about the products as it is an opportunity to discuss the products with the creator.  Although the Independent Consultants have a wealth of information to discuss, the creator can provide more information most of the time.  There are some consultants that have been around for several years that are just as knowledgeable!

For people hoping to join the business, there are always Independent Consultants on the call who will help with any questions about their own experience and you will have the added benefit of speaking directly to Dr. Janell Cole.  If you desire more information that is not answered on the call, one of the consultants on the call will reach out and answer all questions.

The call really helps us, as Independent Consultants, understand more about the products. An added bonus (only for Independent Consultants) is the weekly special incentive for joining the call.  Dr. Janell Cole, will surprise us with how many MOBU Bucks we earn just by joining the call or sometimes MOBU Bucks are not offered in place of other incentives.  Either way, it is a great incentive to join the call which will help us know more about the product!