October 12, 2014

Becoming an Independent Consultant

MOBU Herbals has been around for several years.  The creator, Dr. Janell Cole, has used MOBU Herbals with her clients, some health stores carry MOBU Herbals, and now MOBU Herbals can be purchased through home and online parties.

MOBU Herbals are 100% natural and are made by Dr. Janell Cole in small batches to ensure that the high quality of the products remain consistent and that each batch has healing and other herb-dicinal qualities to help each person that uses it.

Why MOBU?  Well, that is a great question.  MOBU Herbals has essential oils and herbs to help with many problems.  Each product that is currently made can be put directly on your skin and start working within minutes due to going directly into the bloodstream without needing to be digested. The digestive process makes certain remedies weaken and takes awhile for the body to have any relief.  I have used the AM Pain to help with migraine relief and did not have to wait for any oral medication to start and had relief within 15 minutes! 

Another reason why I would recommend MOBU Herbals is for the earning potential.  Dr. Janell Cole has an extremely generous commission for all Independent Consultants and for $10/month, the cost is low to be able to earn a generous income.

We also offer a percentage off to retailers who give us their EIN that do not want to earn a commission on their sales.  For retailer information, please send an email to MOBUHerbalsShop at Gmail . com.  I would be happy to tell you how to receive 40% off the price.

If you are interested in joining as an Independent Consultant, the form to sign up is in the Become an Independent Consultant tab above.

If you are interested in trying out our product, please use the Request a Sample form in the sidebar.

If you want more information, please send an email to MOBUHerbalsShop at gmail.com and let me know what information you are interested in.

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