September 8, 2014

Pain Relief is possible with Mobu Herbals

Pain Relief, Mobu Herbals, Herbal

Mobu Herbals has the A.M. Pain Balm and Lotion and the P.M. Pain Balm and Lotion to alleviate different kinds of pain including arthritis, swollen joints, edema, skin burns, fevers, migraines, toothaches, backaches, hangovers, and TMJ.

The P.M. Pain offers nighttime relief and may make you drowsy.  The P.M. Pain can also help alleviate snoring.

The balms are $19.95 and the lotions are $21.95 plus shipping and handling.

If you wish to order, please visit, or click on one of the links above.  The rep name (required for online purchase) is Brenda Deming.

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