August 19, 2014

Slim Wrap Lotion

The Slim Wrap Lotion is among the favorites right now at the Mobu Herbals store.  Above, you will see how easy it is to wrap.

All you have to do to lose inches is to wrap.  It is a Thermogenic lotion with herbs and essential oils to help boost your body furnace to help shed excess fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  We recommend using the other Slim products to lose inches faster, but inches can be lost little by little with just the Slim Wrap.

The cost is $26.95, plus shipping and handling, for a four ounce bottle.  The four ounce bottle, on average, contains enough for four to five full body wraps (thighs to stomach, then arms) or on average, enough for ten wraps on one body part.  If you used THE other wrap, you will know that this wrap will save you money, while still losing the inches.

If you are interested in reviewing, from now until September 19th, you can apply to review the Slim Wrap lotion.   If you want to get a sample, please contact Angela or I on our Facebook page. 
If you have questions, please comment below.  If you would rather ask a question privately or leave a comment, we always check our Facebook pages.

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